Nuun Rest Product Review

Disclaimer: I received Nuun Rest to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Nuun Rest

I have always been a HUGE Nuun fan while training – actually in general. Their typical line of electrolyte replacements has been vital to my recovery from long runs and pre-hydration for races. The Nuun Rest line; however, is completely different!

It’s been a long few months between stress at work, trying to get back in the swing of things from a training standpoint and life in general. I started having issues sleeping even went I felt like I was exhausted. So to say the opportunity to try this product came at the perfect time is an understatement.

I received two flavors to try of Nuun Rest – Blackberry Vanilla and Lemon Chamomile. For me, blackberry vanilla was the hands down taste winner. The lemon chamomile wasn’t bad by any means, and definitely had that lemon-y taste I was expecting but aired more on the “tea” taste. Overall, I would purchase both flavors again, but Blackberry Vanilla was super refreshing.

Needed especially while puppy sitting

I made Nuun Rest to consume about an hour before (I tried it both hot and cold) going to bed. Like I said before, the flavor was phenomenal. I definitely noticed feeling more relaxed and ready to go to sleep at the end of the drink. I ended up putting my book down early and calling it a night 🙂

The key components in the product are Magnesium and Tart Cherry juice which help aid in overall recovery. Nuun Rest is truly a rest/recovery product that does indeed help with sleep. I would not recommend consuming this when you’re not trying to get sleepy 🙂

Nuun Rest should be mixed with a smaller amount of water than other Nuun products (I made this mistake initially). It is recommended to mix with 4-6 ounces. If not, it will taste extremely watered down. You can mix it with cold or hot/warm water…like you would a tea (so yummy!) which is perfect for before bedtime.

Just a heads up – there WILL be a magnesium residue at the bottom of the glass. This is simply because magnesium doesn’t fully dissolve; it is perfectly normal and happens with all supplements including magnesium. It freaked me out at first but it settles at the bottom and can just be rinsed out when you’re done.

Overall, I give this product a 10/10 and will add it into my routine order from Nuun. I’ve found myself looking forward to drinking this nightly and the relaxation that comes with it.

You can use discount code HYDRATEBIPRO for 20% off through 10/31/2019 (excludes subscription options and bundles) Enjoy!

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