Hi, I’m Shannon 👋🏼

My “rough draft” into the blogging world

I have always enjoyed reading other people’s blogs – finding a new recipe to try for dinner, looking up a review on a product I was teetering on buying or planning my next vacation, yet never “took the plunge” myself. But here we are!

SO, a little about me:

Celebrating my 28th birthday
  • I was born in Texas and am a huge Longhorns fan – hook ‘em!
  • I graduated from Radford University and was a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha
  • Wine is my drink of choice, 99.8% of the time it’s Cab Sav
  • I’ve had pets my entire life, all rescues
  • That cute Boston pictures above is Eugene, he is also a rescue and is my entire heart and soul
  • I love to run recreationally, anything from a 5k to Half Marathon
  • I typically, always, run in a pink Nike Golf Hat … and it slowly but surely became my identifier hence the blog name 🙂

My blog will be centered around running, training insights, products I love and hate and races I’ve checked off my list – but also splashes of dogs, wine, travel and house projects. Looking forward to this new journey xox

#BibRavePro #RescueDog #WineLover #CoffeeChat

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